Telekung Aleena is currently the growing brand in woman prayer outfits in Malaysia with its unique and innovative face design for the prayer outfits also known as telekung.
Telekung is a special uniform used by the women from the Malay Archipelagos when performing their prayers, and is synonymously associated with the Malay Culture.
The patented design introduced by Telekung Aleena is mainly focused on the facial design combining high quality fabric ensuring comfort during prayer and stretchable material which will compliment any face shape and size.
Apart from prayer outfits, Telekung Aleena also produces Telekung for travel that come with beg and come with Kids Edition known as Telekung Traveleena Kids.
Since 2016, the brand name Telekung Aleena is keep growing name in Malaysia. We are now among the top high performing brand for telekung in Malaysia.
In 2018, we will constantly redefine our business and our product to meet the today’s challenging market demand and needs. Hence, we always seek your support and constructive feedback in order to bring better value for our fans and customers.
With that, we would like to say million thanks to all of you who made this happen. Thank you!
-Founder, Telekung Aleena-