Sales & Marketing Executive

Job Description Sales & Marketing Executive

  1. Able to communicate with customers through various methods such as telephone, email, website or social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others.
  2. Responsible for providing general information about products and services provided by the company to new customers or existing customers.
  3. Responsible for collecting / storing personal information from customers whether new or old customers such as addresses, telephone numbers, emails and their payment methods in a safe and confidential storage.
  4. Always use the procedure of using call scripts when chatting with customers.
  5. Responsible for handling customer requests whether product cancellation if there is damage and replace new product.
  6. Responsible for encouraging customers to purchase additional goods / products by upgrading services in customer service.
  7. Responsible to inform customers about sales that there is a discount of (%) or is holding a special promotion.
  8. Responsible for resolving any customer complaints and informing customers that their complaints will be taken into consideration and notified to management.
  9. Responsible for informing customers by suggesting follow-up actions for solutions when the product is not working / damaged.
  10. Other duties as be assigned.

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